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US720E Double--piston Hydraulic spraying machine
Description Technical Data Configuration

US720E is a double-piston hydraulic spraying machine with high integrity. This equipment is of compact structure and can be used for delivering and spraying various kinds of mortar, cement and fine aggregate concrete of 0-16mm diameters.

It standard configuration has additive system and compressed air control system, can be used for concrete wet spraying operation.

The max. displacement is 20m3/h, the max. pumping pressure 68bar, the maximum flow rate of additive pump up to 600L / h. It can be used for multiple working circumstances, such as tunnels spraying, wall perfusion, slope support etc.

The equipment carries out combined operation of delivering and spraying, which will greatly enhance the efficiency and reduce the labor cost.

Characteristics of the equipment:

Stable hydraulic system

Advanced control system

Efficient pumping system

Powerful abrasion-resistance technology

Easy operation system

Various optional configurations

Technical Data

US720EA(Axle type)


Double-cylinder plunger pump

Drive motor power

30kW 380V/50Hz

Pressure of the primary pump


Pressure of the agitator pump


Max. cubic amount of pumping


Max. output pressure of pumping


Max. pumping times per minute


Cylinder stroke


Discharge port diameter


Dimensions (L x W x H)




Max. grain diameter


Flow of the High-pressure water pump


Pressure of the high-pressure water pump


Additives displacement control mode

Manual /Automatic

Max. additive pump flow


Recommended air flow

9 m3/min

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Standard configuration:

1) 30kW drive motor

2) Double-cylinder plunger pump

3) CE standard control cabinet

4) Vehicle controller

5) 2.8-inch display

6) High-power stirrer

7) Intelligent additive system

8) High-pressure water pump cleaning system

9) Compressed air control system

Optional configuration:

1) Cable remote control(provided with a 20m remote-control wire)

2) 24VDC vibration motor

3) Compressed air pipe

4) Additive delivery pipe

5) Concrete delivery pipe

6) Wireless remote control

Security configuration:

1) Hopper limit switch protection

2) Screen frame limit switch protection

3) Overload and short-circuit protection

4) 24VDC safety voltage control

Core technology:

1) Stable hydraulic system

2) Smart control system

3) Powerful abrasion-resistance system

4) Efficient pumping system