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MS25E Screw mortar pump
Description Technical Data Configuration

The versatile worm pump of MS25E,can easy dismantling,apply to various kinds of ready-mixed dry mortars which can pumping,and no matter it is bagged or bottled.For example,interior wall painting(gypsum matix or gypsum-lime plaster),exterior wall painting(lime or lime cement or thermal insulation mortar),self-leveling mortar,thick cement paste,repair and reinforcement of mortar.The all kinds of accessories can meet your different mixing and pumping requirements.The pump displacement is 5-60L/min.

Equipment characteristics:
High power motor system
Large capacity hopper
Fast constant mixing
Integrated water pump system
Air over-pressure protection
Remote air control
Modular assembly design
Accurate water metering system

Standard configuration:
1) 250L/min compressor,0.9kW,400V/50Hz
2) 0.55kW,3.6m³/h water pump system
3) 115L dry material mixing drum
4) 5.5kW gear motor
5) CE standard electric cabinet
6) D6 power rotor and stator
7) 10 m air pipes
8) DN25x10 m mortar pipes
9) DN25/40 plastic spray gun
10) 1/2" hose adapter
11) Cleaner
12) Operation manual
13) Standard carried spare parts set

Security configuration:
1) Tilt sensor
2) Emergency stop protection
3) Overload and short-cricuit protection
4) 24VAC safety voltage control

Equipment advantages:
Lightweight and flexible
Quick disassemble
Saft and easy use
Wide range of applications
High automation