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MP300E Without stirring bucket
Description Technical Data Configuration

MP300E is a product for spraying and delivering cement mortar and self-mixing mortar. It is widely applied to spray various kinds of mortars.

It can deliver and spray various kinds of mortars which diameter are from 0 to 8 mm and be used for delivering the field mixed mortar on the job-site, with strong power, high universality and wide application. The vertical height of pumping is up to 100m, the horizontal distance up to 300m.

The chrome plating material cylinder technology for concrete pumping is adopted. For the abrasion parts, the service life is long, the cost is low and the economical efficiency is high.

The double-piston cylinder (a single cylinder plus a compensating cylinder) is adopted. The no-pulse delivery can be achieved during mortar delivering and spraying. The mortar can be sprayed evenly on high-level working planes. The performance in applying the mortar to the wall is good, and the technology is advanced among similar products all over the world.

Its displacement is high. It can be used as the equipment for high-level mortar pumping. It can greatly enhance the efficiency and reduce the labor cost during the combined operation of delivering and spraying.

The application scope of MP300E double-piston mortar pump is widely. It can be used for:

Material delivery

       Paving the ground

l          Pouring walls


        Spraying mortar on the interior and external walls

        Plastering and building walls

         Filling in the joints

         Repairing the damage on concrete surfaces


Technical Parameters


Pump type

Double-piston cylinder (a single cylinder plus a compensating cylinder)

Max. displacement of pumping


Max. delivery pressure


Horizontal delivery distance


Vertical delivery distance


Drive motor power

11kW 380V/50Hz

Agitating vessel size


Hopper size


Air compressor


Dimensions (L x W x H)




Max. grain diameter


Standard configuration:

1) without agitating vessel

2) 200L hopper

3) Double-piston cylinder (a single cylinder plus a compensating cylinder)

4) Integrated air compressor

5) 11kW three-phase AC motor

6) CE standard control cabinet

7) Standard carried spare part set

Optional devices to be installed:

1) DN50 and DN35 mortar pipes

2) A 20m compressed air pipe

3) DN35 spray guns (provided with rubber nozzles of various diameters)

Security configuration:

1) Mortar hose overpressure protection

2) Compressed air overpressure protection

3) Overload circuit switch protection